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To have a dream is one thing to turn that dream into a reality takes a lot of hard work, determination and passion. I know firsthand exactly how exciting and challenging making a business successful can be and when I see other women taking on the challenge to make their dreams a reality it pushes me even harder to keep working on mine.   
Karla & Amy are the two incredible ladies behind the exciting new fashion brand, Hello Sunday. Their passion, enthusiasm and vision is so inspiring that I wanted to share it with you all. Join me as I chat with Karla & Amy in my latest INSPIRE by Faith Laine blog about their exciting new venture.




So, for those who are yet to discover you amazing ladies I guess it’s important that we kick things off by finding out a little bit about you both. So, What’s one thing you always have in your handbag or what you wouldn't leave the house without?

Amy always has a snack in her handbag... seriously... and would never leave the house without her white sneakers. Karla always has baby wipes in her handbag/Thomas the tank engine back pack #mumlife and would love to say that she never leaves the house without a bra, but that would be a complete lie hahahaha

Watching you both on social media it’s pretty obvious that your friendship is strong and a lot of fun. How and when did you meet?

Aw thanks! It is a lot of fun doing this together. We meet 11 years ago on a construction work site (we were both in site admin) and bonded straight away! We have had those fantastic single, wild years together, through to meeting our now husbands, moves interstate and back and all the wonders of growing up.

Karla wears Hello Sunday Extra staple unisex shirt with the Charlie
Overalls & Amy wears the Hello Sunday Basic staple unisex shirt


Deciding to start a new business is a scary yet an exciting thought. What inspired you to create Hello Sunday?

Frustration. Hello Sunday was created out of frustration of not being able to buy comfortable, inclusive and quality clothing that fitted and flattered both our bodies. We are both different sizes but have the same amazing taste (in our opinion anyway) and in the current fashion market it is SO hard to find the above. 


I have heard you both say time and time again that Hello Sunday is a little bit ‘extra’. How so?

We want to make our customers feel amazing and 'extra' when they put on Hello Sunday. The feeling of new clothing is already euphoric, we want to make people feel that little bit 'extra' when they open their goodies and put our clothing on. We give people the basic's, and they make them extra.

Giving you a little EXTRA - Free Shipping and cookie with orders over $150


Why Hello Sunday? What inspired your biz name?

It is incredibly hard naming your business especially with a business partner. Once we decided that we were actually doing to do this for real we spent two or three days bouncing names back and forth through text, until we finally sat down together with A LOT of snacks to get a name. It was a Sunday, and we wanted to convey our love for comfortable clothes, so while we were laying around Karla's lounge room stuffing our faces with snacks, Sunday was thrown into the mix and BAM Hello Sunday was born.


What’s been the best & worst parts of your journey so far?

Best part has been starting to see the photos and stories from our VIP'S, Reps and customers coming in. Seeing the love of the clothes and how amazing they look in Hello Sunday seriously makes this the best part of the journey. The worst part so far is still hitting that wall when it comes to finding diverse sizing, but we are working on it.


I am loving so many of your gorgeous pieces and LOVE that they are comfy, practical but still so stylish. What are your favourite pieces and why?

Thank you! Karla's favourite is the Extra (Large Logo) staple unisex Hello Sunday shirt with a close second being the Navy Hendrix dress. Amy's favourite is the popular Ellie dress, but we have recently finalized our new releases for official launch (THIS SUNDAY) and she has now been converted to our new Ally Mustard skirt. Ever heard of the saying getting high of your own supply? Well one of the perks of having your own clothing small business is being able to wear everything you sell, we are high off our own supply ALL the time.

Karla wears the Gracie Smock Dress and Amy wears the Ellie Dress


What can we expect from Hello Sunday in the future? BIG THINGS. We are both very goal and dream driven people. We want Hello Sunday to not just be a small business but a house hold name where people know what we stand for. We want to take Hello Sunday to the next level of manufacturing designs that meet all of our ideals of comfortable, inclusive and quality fashionable clothing for EVERYONE! This goal might not happen right away but we are so passionate about it we are confident we will get there.

 Amy wears the Hello Sunday Basic staple unisex shirt & Karla wears Hello Sunday Extra staple unisex shirt . Both girls holding a Hello Sunday Keep Cup

 LAUNCH DETAILS - Hello Sunday official launch is happening this Sunday 9th September at 9am! Karla & Amy have several newbies hitting their virtual shelves and will also be restocking all sizing on the website.

The girls are also spoiling 25 local Brisbane and Gold Coast Mumma's to a morning tea at their official launch party. Guests will have the opportunity to try on and get photographed in all the amazing new Hello Sunday clothing.


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